This collection of apologetic topics is meant to be a guide to help you begin to think through some of the questions we need to be prepared to answer as followers of Jesus.
How do we respond to claims that Jesus, Allah, the Eightfold Path, Nirvana, and other ways all lead to salvation? Is there ultimate truth? And how do we find it?
How do we know that the Bible is true—historically and in its radical claims? Is it a matter of pure faith, or are there good reasons to trust the Bible as we have it today?
The problem of suffering is a personal topic that we all will wrestle with at some point in our lives. How are we to respond to pain as Christians, and how do we respond to those who point to suffering as a reason to doubt God's love, or even His existence?
How do we respond to the claim that science and faith are diametrically opposed? Are science and faith trying to answer the same questions, or are they different spheres of study?
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