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Core Groups

Core Groups are a great way to make some new friends, learn to study the Bible, and get plugged into Chi Alpha. A Core Group is a small group of guys or girls who meet weekly for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. If you are interested in a Core Group, fill out the form below and we will get you connected with a Core Group in your area right away! This list is current for the 2017–2018 school year.


1st Years

Kellsey Leopold, Elnet Veldman, Erin Kang
Courtenay, Dunglinson, Hereford
Thursday 8:00 PM Price Ave

Madison Tanner, Kristen Shin, Rachel Jones
Emmet, Page, Brown, IRC
Thursday 8:00 PM Emmet

Carlin Wetzel, Maddie Clevinger
Metcalf, Lefevre 
Thursday 8:00 PM Waffle House (Stadium Road)

Cayla Heath , Nicole Janiga 
Fitzhugh, Gibbons 
Thursday 8:00 PM Gibbons

Natalie Park, Sarah King
Wednesday 8:00 PM Tuttle-Dunnington

Kendall Wood, Amber Arnold, Faith Suhre
Wednesday 8:00 PM Chateau

Sharon Fernandez, Kelly Martin, Biruk Negash
Hancock, Echols
Thursday 8:30 PM Hancock

Charlotte Howell, Valentine Shang, Cynthia Ajuzie
Shannon, Woody 
Wednesday 8:00 PM Salt Shack

Danielle Hutcherson, Jodie Lee
Humphreys, Watson-Webb
Thursday 8:00 PM Chateau

Mariah Beazley, Sabrina Lingenfelter, Emily Spickard
Cauthen, Kellogg 
Thursday 8:00 PM Kellogg

Jocilyn Walters, Olivia Bunting
Balz-Dobie, Lile-Maupin 
Thursday 8:00 PM Balz-Dobie

Grace Kim, Temi Akinola, Olivia Eichner
Thursday 8:00 PM Gooch

XAi Core Groups (International)

XAi Undergraduate Core Group (co-ed)
Blake & Morgan Thompson, Blair Brake
Thursday at 7:45pm, 2500 Plateau Road

XAi Graduate Core Group (co-ed)
Josh & Cathy Fairchild
Thursday at 7:30pm, 1378 Allister Green

2nd Years

Chancy Kwok, Minjoo Kang, Joy Otih
Thursday 8:15 PM Strawb Patch (JPA) 

Michelle Abban, Emma McIntyre, Katrina Eichner
Wednesday 8:00 PM Lambeth 

Alex Gerrish, Shannon McBryde, Keila Wallace
Tuesday 8:00 PM JPA

Laura Eom, Caitlin Kim, Emily Milton 
Thursday 8:00 PM The Arrow

Angela Miller, Ololade Ihaza, Hayley Martin
Thursday 8:00 PM Chateau

Hannah Thompson, Kiersten Urch, Lexi Reaves 
Thursday 8:15 PM The Loft

Amanda Frickie, Caroline Secrest
Wednesday 8:00 PM Chateau

3rd Years

Erin Seagears, Laren Butler, Holly Martin 
Thursday 8:00 PM Woodrow Apts.

Courtney Sigloh, Katie Smith, Kaytie Loving 
Thursday 8:00 PM Salt Shack

Alyssa Ashe, Kelly Spaine
Wednesday 8:00 PM XA Office (2002 Stadium Rd.)

4th Years

Jackie Collins, Sam Erickson
Thursday 8:00 PM Cabell Ave

Annelise Kollevoll, Kimberly Walden
Thursday 8:30 PM Valley Road/JPA

Gracia Mususa, Anna Jemi-Alade
Thursday 8:00 PM Burrow

Sonia He, Nora Ferguson, Mary Dugan
Thursday 8:00 PM Montebello Circle

Core Group Interest Form

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