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Core Groups are a great way to make some new friends, learn to study the Bible, and get plugged into Chi Alpha. A Core Group is a small group of guys or girls who meet weekly for worship, Bible study, and fellowship. If you are interested in a Core Group, fill out the form below and we will get you connected with a Core Group in your area right away! This list is current for the 2017–2018 school year.


1st Years

John Romanello, John Shin, Ben Baker
Hancock, Metcalf, Lefevre, Brown, IRC
Wednesday 8:00 PM Sigma Cool 

John Barry, Noah Vanterve, Jeffrey Kim
Gooch, Hereford
Wednesday 8:00 PM Bunratty

Nick Verham, Connor Grubbs, Alex Adkins
Balz-Dobie, Cauthen, Kellogg
Thursday 8:00 PM The Secret Jungle

Carter Fleck, Karsten Kim, Sawyer Davies
Lile-Maupin, Shannon, Woody
Wednesday 8:00 PM Stadium Rd

Landon Gragg, Phil Hays, Mateo Burt
Courtenay, Dillard
Wednesday 8:00 PM Stadium Rd

Ben Groff, Buddy Arcara, Caleb Garber
Emmet, Humphreys, Page, Watson-Webb, Fitzhugh
Thursday 7:30 PM Benji

Bradley Hillard, Matthew Boustany, JT Luker
Gibbons, Tuttle-Dunnington, Dunglison
Thursday 8:00 PM Bait Shop

XAi Core Groups (International)

XAi Undergraduate Core Group (co-ed)
Blake & Morgan Thompson, Blair Brake
Thursday at 7:45pm, 2500 Plateau Rd

XAi Graduate Core Group (co-ed)
Josh & Cathy Fairchild
Thursday at 7:30pm, 1378 Allister Green

2nd Years

Justin Mooney, Nico Salafranca
Wednesday 8:00 PM Bait Shop

David Varghese, Neb Daniel, Timmy Vadasz
Thursday 8:00 PM Dunova Ct 

Jonathan Hartson, Connor Fitzpatrick, Dillon Mundie
Wednesday 8:00 PM Camp Hope (Stadium Rd) 

Brady Scott, Connor Bottcher, Evan Heitman
Thursday 8:00 PM Buck Lodge

Logan Haley, Hunter Johnson, Gavin Restifo
Thursday 8:00 PM Shamrock Rd

3rd Years

Matt Anderson, Peter Farris
Tuesday 8:00 PM Hack Shack

Brett Warren, Josh Jensen
Wednesday 8:00 PM Brown College

Kunrui Peng, Ian Schwegal, Liam Donohue
Wednesday 8:00 PM Shout! House

4th Years

Levi Helm, Tyler McCombs
Thursday 8:00 PM Icthus

Tim Meng, Grant Zou, Zach Skemp
Thursday 8:00 PM The Hearth (Dunova Ct)

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