How do we respond to claims that Jesus, Allah, the Eightfold Path, Nirvana, and other ways all lead to salvation? Is there ultimate truth, and how do we find it? We recommend beginning with the "Get Started" content for a good overview. "Going Deeper" explores subtopics related to pluralism. "Further Study" will set you on a trajectory of lifelong learning!

Get Started

Being a Christian in a Pluralistic Society - Dallas Willard | In this short article Willard beautifully lays out what it’s like to live in a Pluralistic Society as a Christian. What does it mean for the Christian life and what must we do? It is two pages long. 
Why is Christianity Right? - Ravi Zacharias | Join Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale for an open forum at the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hall in downtown Pittsburgh. Published on Mar 12, 2016.
One Lord and Savior For All? - Christ on Campus Initiative |  Until the modern era, Christians largely took it for granted that Christianity is the one true religion for all humankind. By the late twentieth century, however, there were growing numbers of those identifying themselves as Christians who called for a radical pluralism in which Christianity is just one among many possible ways of responding to the divine. Explore the idea that all the major religions are more or less equally true and how Christians can respond to religious diversity today.

Going Deeper

The Importance of Hell - Tim Keller | In this article, Keller takes the to opportunity to teach us why we need Hell. Why it is important when it relates to the justice of God and how we must serve a God that is just. It is six pages long.
On Those Who Have Never Heard - Pete Bullette | Our Director, Pete Bullette writes a poignant article entitled, “On Those Who Have Never Heard” where he deals with one of the hardest questions out there. Read this article if your question is about people or people groups who have not had access to the gospel yet. The article is three pages long.
How to Read False Religious Texts - Glen Davis | Stanford Chi Alpha Campus Pastor Glen Davis writes a one page article on how to read false religious texts in case you come across any of them in your field of study or circle of friends.

Further Study

The Universe Next Door - James Sire | If you are interested in a basic worldview catalog in book form. We recommend James Sire’s The Universe Next Door. It’s lengthy (286 pages) and dense but one of the best catalogs out there.
The Kingdom of the Cults - Walter Martin | The authoritative reference work on major cult systems for nearly forty years.
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