Reliability of Scripture

Reliability of Scripture

How do we know that the Bible is true—historically and in its radical claims? Is it a matter of pure faith, or are there good reasons to trust the Bibles we have today? We recommend beginning with the "Get Started" content for a good overview. "Going Deeper" explores subtopics related to pluralism. "Further Study" will set you on a trajectory of lifelong learning!

Get Started

How Do We Know the Bible is True - Ravi Zacharias | Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias discusses how we can know the Bible is true.
Bible Reliability - Hank Hanegraaff | MAPS guide through the reliability of scripture. The article walks through the evidence of manuscripts, archaeology, prophesies, and statistics.
Is the Bible Reliable? — 7 Questions - Sid Litke |  Seven questions and answers that will help you understand why the Bible is reliable.

Going Deeper

The Reliability of the Bible - Veritas Forum | Grant Osborne speaks at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on the reliability of Scripture. (1 hour)
The Authenticity of Apostolic Witnesses in the New Testament | Professor Richard Bauckham, New Testament theologian and senior scholar at Cambrige, discusses the reliability of the apostolic eyewitness in the New Testament.
Historical Evidence for the Resurrection | This article discusses the historical arguments and evidence surrounding the resurrection of Jesus. It will help you understand some of the arguments made against the resurrection and why the fallacies contained within them.

Further Study

The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? - F. F. Bruce | This modern classic in the field of New Testament studies offers a compelling defense of biblical truth. One of evangelicalism's most trusted scholars, F. F. Bruce clearly presents the evidence for the historical trustworthiness of the Christian Scriptures.
Who Chose the New Testament Books? - Christ on Campus Initiative | The issue of “How We Got the Bible” has become one of the flash points of our day. The popularly accepted storyline today is that a state-sponsored Christian church chose the New Testament books fully three centuries after Christ. But does the historical data really support that claim? Explore the evidence in this essay by Dr. Charles Hill.
Why We Believe the Bible - John Piper | In this five part (video/audio) series, John Piper discusses the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of the Bible.
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