The World Missions Summit 4

January 4–6, 2017
Hilton Americas–Houston, Texas


National Chi Alpha, in partnership with Assemblies of God World Missions, will host a strategic gathering of 5,000+ participants January 4-6, 2017 in Houston, Texas that will focus strictly on God’s mission to reach the lost around the globe. This historic gathering is comprised of five primary components.

The Gathering:

The Gathering is the large group component of TWMS4 where we will worship corporately, hear real time global reports and stories and be powerfully challenged by relevant messages delivered by missionaries living their faith around the world.

Windows to the World:

Windows to the World are interactive experiences representing the various regions and ministries around the world. Here, you will get an idea of the sights, sounds, smells and challenges facing the mission field. You will also hear the needs in each region or ministry and ways you can assist in meeting them.


The exhibits at TWMS4 are state of the art and designed to provide resources or opportunities for service. Exhibitors at TWMS4 are not vendors! Here you can meet with missionaries and ministers, ask questions, and drink coffee.

Meal with a Missionary:

At the first meal, students can choose to sit wherever they like. This will become your designated table throughout the entire conference. During the four meals provided by the conference, the participants will sit at the same table and missionaries will rotate. Each table will be hosted by a different missionary each meal. During the meal, participants will hear the missionary’s “story”, be able to ask questions and process their TWMS4 experience.

Prayer for the Nations:

The final morning of TWMS4, we will all gather for a deliberate time of transformative corporate prayer for the nations of the world. This prayer time is directed by students in attendance at TWMS4.

Cost is $169. Register today at!
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