Core Group Studies

Looking for a Bible, topical, or book study to do as a Core Group? Check out list of Core Group studies!
Gospel Studies- NEW

Is Being Religious Enough? | This study serves as a basic introduction to the Gospel story. It's great for the beginning of the school year or anytime that new folks are at core group.

He Bore our Sin and Shame | This short study is intended to submerge us into the Gospel story, to feel the affect of our sin and—more importantly— Christ’s love for us as individuals, not just on a universal level.

Topical Studies

Journey Towards Freedom | This 5-week study is designed to shed Biblical truth on the issue of sin and guide the group to freedom from sin and life in Christ!
The Redemptive Story in 10 Images | This study walks through the grand Story of the Bible through a series of powerful images and themes.
Discovery Bible Study | A study method that is easy to prepare for and leads to great group discussion!
Anchors | A study that explores the three anchors of Chi Alpha: real devotional life, real community, and real responsibility. This is a nine-week study.
The Normal Christian Life | A study based on the book The Normal Christian Life. Covers topics such as: grace, community, discipline, mission, and power.
Real Community: Acts | A study on the Acts 2 community that focuses on the components of real community.
Real Community: Ecclesiastes | A study on the Ecclesiastes 4 description of fellowship.
Own It | A two week Bible study that focuses on helping students embrace their own active role the Christian community and rise above the objections we have to working where God has called us.
A Study on Evangelism | This study combines ideas from Out of the Salt Shaker and into the World by Pippet and Becoming a Contagious Christian by Hybels.
Becoming a Contagious Christian | What does it mean to be a contagious Christian, where our faith is "caught" by those around us? This resource can be used as a Bible study or for 1-on-1 discipleship.
Relational Evangelism Study | This evangelism study walks through the main ideas of Rick Richardson's book Reimagining Evangelism.
Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit Study |This is a one-week study on the Spirit's presence throughout the Bible.
Who Am I? | This six-week small group Bible study helps us understand our identity in Christ. Published by Campus Ministry Today.
The World Missions Summit 4 Bible Study | This study walks through the vision that "Every student goes, gives, prays, and welcomes" in four weeks. This would be a great study to use before or after the World Missions Summit!
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