1-on-1 Resources

These resources are designed to help you in your 1-on-1 mentoring relationships.
Housing Tips-NEW | How to live harmoniously in Christian community.

Decision Making

6-8-10 Decision Making Principles | Principles taken from 1 Corinthians to help you make Christ-centered decisions.
Choosing a Career (or Major) | God's will for your life is much broader than your career. However choosing a career is still very important.
Choosing a Home Church | What are the 3 main purposes of the church, the 5 purposes for your life, and the 3 P's of the church finding process? Read to find out!
Discerning God's Will | How do we go about making good decisions when it seems like God's not saying anything?


Exodus Devotionals | A series of devotionals taken from a series of emails by Pete.
Revelation Devotionals | Short excerpts from the 'Manna Daily Devotional,' written by Deborah Galyen.


Beginner's Bible Study | This three-part study is a great tool to introduce someone to the Christian faith!
Eli's Book List | This excellent book list is a great resource to kick start your spiritual reading time.
Three Anchors | Use this resource during a time of transition to practice the spiritual discipline of remembrance.

Discipleship Basics

5 Great Questions | The first 1-on-1 meeting is important. It's the start of a relationship: a time to break the ice, begin to build trust, and start learning personal history. Here are 5 great questions that we use in a first 1-on-1.
ACTS Prayer Plan | A tool to help you with the basics and theology of prayer.
SWOT Analysis for Break | This tool helps you analyze your own spiritual walk and your upcoming break.
Asking Good Questions | For many leaders, a 1-on-1 setting can be intimidating. There are times when you don't know what to say or how to get someone to open up. This resource is a compilation of the Chi Alpha staff's favorite and essential questions for 1-on-1s.
Baptism Resource | This resource explains the importance of believer's baptism.
Can It Really Be That Simple? | What are the essentials of living a Christ-centered life? How can I be an effective and faithful follower of Christ? This article walks through the three anchors of Chi Alpha. These principles, if applied, will lead to a life well spent following Jesus.
Chi Alpha Basics Assessment | A tool to help you assess strengths and areas of potential growth in your walk with God.
Elzinga's Top 10 Questions in the Bible | A resource for further discussion based on Professor Elzinga's talk at MNL.


God Space | A great resource on creating an environment for spiritual conversations .
Telling Your Story | The most powerful tool we have is our story, or testimony. This tool helps you develop and tell your story.
Testimony Coaching | Use this resource to help coach a student who will be sharing his/her testimony for a medium--large sized group. Use this in conjunction with Telling Your Story.
The Engel Scale | This scale of spiritual development will help you better understand the evangelism/discipleship process.


Making and Living on a Budget | Practical steps to help you make and live on a budget. Included is a worksheet to help you make a monthly budget.


Forgiveness Study | A guide that is centered on God's Word and can help you begin a process of forgiveness.
The Healing Power of Forgiveness | What does the Bible say about forgiveness? This article can help you begin the process of forgiveness.

Holy Spirit

Are the Gifts of the Spirit for Today? | Campus Pastor Pete Bullette gives a Leaders Meeting talk about the role of Spiritual Gifts today. (Audio)
Spirit Empowerment Seminar | Guest Speaker Tim E. gives a talk on the Holy Spirit's ministry of empowerment, and His importance in our lives today.


Identity in Christ | This tool is a brief overview of who we are as followers of Christ. There are many things that Scripture teaches us about what God has freely given us through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Inner Transformation Journal | A journal for you to remember who God is, what He has done for you, and who you are through faith.
Who Am I | A brief overview of who we are in Christ. Can be used in a small group or a 1-on-1, and can be broken up into a three-part series.

International Friendships (XAi)

Beginner's Bible Study | This three-part study is a great tool to introduce someone to the Christian faith!

Life-Controlling Issues

Helping Students with Life-Controlling Issues | Someone confessed to you a major issue that is addictive or perpetual in their life. Now what? This resource is meant to be a guide to help walk with someone into the freedom Jesus offers.
Disordered Eating Self Test | Disordered Eating is not always manifested as an obvious issue. This self-evaluation is to help determine if Disordered Eating is prevalent in your life. This test is not designed to diagnose an eating disorder or to take the place of a professional diagnosis or consultation.


Give a Year: Heart Issues | Thinking about giving a year to missions? Check out this resource to prepare you for the journey!

New Believer

Lordship Study | It is important to know the authority that Jesus commands over our lives. This study takes a look at the importance  of Jesus' lordship.
Prayer Study | A study on prayer based on the Lord's Prayer. Can be used in a 1-on-1 or in a small group.
Scripture Study | A study for new believers on the importance of Scripture.


ACTS Prayer Plan | A tool to help you with the basics and theology of prayer.
Planning a Week in Prayer | Do you have a hard time remembering to pray for your entire prayer list throughout the week? This tool will help you pray more strategically.
Spurgeon and Intercessory Prayer | A brief teaching and 30-minute prayer guide to help you intercede for your campus, university, and the world.


A Girl's Guide to Marrying Well | Most women hope to marry, but for many, it's not happening like they thought it would. It seems to far away,  or too unlikely, given the men they know and those they're meeting. By understanding  and embracing God's design for marriage, as well as a principled approach to it, you have a better shot at not only getting married, but marrying well. (from Boundless.org)
A Girl's Guide to Marrying Well (Abbreviated) |  For a quick look at what to consider when pursing a relationship, check out this  resource, or the full version.
A Guy's Guide to Marrying Well | Too many guys make their way into their 20s and 30s without the marriage modeling and insights that were once easy to find from dads, coaches, teachers, mentors and Christian leaders. When they do find advice about relationships, it's often spectacularly bad. The simple purpose of the information here is to present a path that is as biblical as possible in order to help you marry well. (from Boundless.org)
A Guy's Guide to Marrying Well (Abbreviated) | For a quick look at what to consider when pursuing a relationship, check out this resource, or the full version.
Personality Plus | This tool is based on four basic personality profiles, as described in Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. The first part of this resource is a personality assessment, followed by descriptions of the four personality profiles .


Manuscript Bible Study Method | If your Bible study times are becoming routine, use the manuscript method to mix things up!
PROAPT Bible Study Method|  A practical tool to help you get more out of your Bible study times.
Scripture Meditation | This resource is designed to give you a framework for meditating on Scripture.
Topical Memory System | This list of key Scripture to know by heart is a great place to start your Scripture-memorizing journey!
The Power of Memorizing Scripture | A sermon by John Piper on the value of abiding through scripture memorization.

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts Inventory | An inventory to help you see the gifts that God has equipped you with.


Don't Let the Screen Strangle Your Soul | Article on technology addiction by Kevin DeYoung
Instagram Envy Effect | "Everyone's life looks better on social media. And that's the problem."
Instagram is Not Real Life | From Relevant Magazine
Is Facebook Killing Our Souls? | An article from Relevant Magazine on how social networking affects us.
Matthew 23 and Social Networking | Pete's thoughts on social networking and Biblical principles that should guide our use.


The Sensuous Christian | An excerpt from R.C. Sproul's book, Knowing Scripture, that challenges us to think about what we believe and why we believe it. 

Time Management

Plan Your Weekly Schedule | This worksheet will help you prioritize and plan your schedule.
Quadrants of Time Management | A tool to help you think about your time and priorities.


Sacred Pathways | A spiritual personality survey that will help you identify how you best connect with God. 
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